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SNP new administration in South Lanarkshire

Published Thursday, 18 May 2017

exterior view of council headquaters

The new administration for South Lanarkshire Council is in place following a meeting of the full Council today.

The SNP is the new political administration for South Lanarkshire and its group leader Councillor John Ross was elected as Leader of the Council.

Other key roles which were agreed after the elections were:

  • Councillor Ian McAllan.- Provost
  • Councillor Collette Stevenson - Depute Provost
  • Councillor Maureen Chalmers – Depute Leader of the Council

The Council also agreed at today’s meeting that South Lanarkshire Council will rejoin COSLA.

Elected Members also approved a series of recommendations regarding the council’s decision-making arrangements and procedures, full details of which will be made available on the council’s website.

The full list of positions filled at today’s meeting is as follows:

  • Provost - Ian McAllan
  • Depute Provost - Collette Stevenson
  • Leader of South Lanarkshire Council - John Ross
  • Depute Leader of South Lanarkshire Council - Maureen Chalmers
  • Business Manager - Peter Craig
  • Chair of the Finance and Corporate Resources Committee - Gladys Miller. The Depute Chairs are Collette Stevenson and Graeme Horne
  • Chair of the Community and Enterprise Services Committee - John Anderson. Depute Chair is Isobel Dornan
  • Chair of the Education Resources Committee - Katy Loudon. Depute Chair is Peter Craig
  • Chair of the Housing and Technical Resources  Committee - Josh Wilson.  Depute Chair is Archie Buchanan
  • Chair of the Social Work Committee – Stephanie Callaghan. Depute Chair is John Bradley
  • Chair of the Planning Committee is Alistair Fulton. Depute Chair is Isobel Dornan. Both Chair and Depute Chair are the same for the Planning Review Body
  • Chair of the Licensing Committee - David Shearer. Depute Chair is Julia Marrs
  • Chair of the Recruitment Committee - John Ross
  • Chair of the Clydesdale Area Committee - Richard Lockhart. Depute Chair is Mark Horsham
  • Chair of the Hamilton Area Committee - Peter Craig.  Depute Chair is Mary Donnelly
  • Chair of the Cambuslang and Rutherglen Area Committee - John Bradley. Depute Chair is Carol Nugent
  • Chair of the East Kilbride Area Committee - David Watson. Depute Chair is Archie Buchanan
  • Chair of South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture Ltd - David Watson
  • Chair of the South Lanarkshire Community Planning Partnership - Maureen Chalmers
  • Chair of the Conference Allocation Committee - Peter Craig. Depute Chair is Stephanie Callaghan
  • Chair of SEEMIS Group LLP - Graeme Horne
  • Members of the Lanarkshire Valuation Joint Board - Isobel Dornan, Peter Craig and Geri Gray
  • Members of the South Lanarkshire Integration Joint Board - Stephanie Callaghan and Maureen Chalmers
  • Member for Strathclyde Partnership for Transport - David Shearer
  • The Council Spokesperson for Older People - Jim McGuigan
  • The Council Spokesperson on Veterans - Mark Horsham
  • The Council Spokesperson for Youth Regen FX - Julia Marrs
  • The Council Spokesperson on Disabilities - Hugh Macdonald