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Councillors agree 5-year vision

Published Thursday, 09 November 2017

exterior view of council headquaters

A five year plan has been agreed which is designed to “improve the lives of everyone in South Lanarkshire”.

That is the vision at the core of Connect, our Council Plan for 2017-22.

The plan also sets out the council’s values and ambitions, as well as 11 ambitious objectives.

Those objectives will be delivered working in partnership with local communities, which have already given the thumbs-up to the plan in a consultation exercise that saw agreement come from more than 95% of residents.

Council Leader John Ross described the plan as “one of the most important documents prepared by the council”.

He said: “It sets out what we hope to achieve in order to improve the lives of local people and clearly states how we will serve them and work with our local communities over the next few years.

“As such, Connect is the platform on which the council will build during the current term.  It will help us deliver on the promises that were included in the manifesto that local people elected us on, a manifesto that was designed for people and communities.

“This means we will strive to lift children out of poverty, we will encourage every young person to fulfil their potential, and we will give every citizen a stake in South Lanarkshire’s future.”

The new Council Plan was endorsed at today’s Executive Committee, which agreed to refer it to the full Council for formal approval on 6 December.

The council’s Chief Executive, Lindsay Freeland said: “There is a good deal of continuity in the new plan, because it builds on earlier versions which have shared the same vision and aspirations to improve local lives and outcomes in our communities.

“Our aim remains to ensure that South Lanarkshire remains a great area for our residents to live, an attractive place for others to visit and a place where businesses will invest and flourish. The plan makes clear how we will work together with our communities and partners to do exactly that.”

The plan was developed in consultation with communities, the council’s partners, and with council staff.  In a consultation exercise the approval levels for the vision and objectives varied between 95% and 99% of agreement or strong agreement.
The 11 objectives in the Council Plan are:

Improve later life; protect vulnerable children, young people and adults; deliver better health and social care outcomes for all;  improve the availability, quality and access of housing; improve the road network, influence improvements in public transport and encourage active travel; work with communities and partners to promote high quality, thriving and sustainable communities; support the local economy by providing the right conditions for economic growth; support our communities by tackling disadvantage and deprivation, and supporting aspiration; improve achievement, raise educational attainments and support lifelong learning; ensure schools and other places of learning are inspirational; encourage participation in physical and cultural activities.

The plan spells out how these objectives will be pursued, through “next steps” to be taken by the council’s five resources.