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Historic castle ruins to be safeguarded

Published Friday, 09 March 2018

Strathaven Castle image copyright Les Hoggan

The council and Strathaven Community Council have been investigating ways to safeguard the ruins of the town’s historic castle.

Surveys have identified the works required to make the ruins safe and prevent further damage which are the subject of ongoing consultation with Historic Environment Scotland.

It is hoped that by the summer the council will be in the position to invite specialist contractors to tender for work.

In the meantime however, the first course of action which has been agreed is to erect a temporary fence around the structure. This is required to stop people from being able to climb over the remains. Unfortunately the fencing will also restrict the core path network in the short term.

And the community council proposes to consult with the community and develop options for possible future development of the castle.

Daniel Lowe, the Executive Director of the council's Housing and Technical Resources, said: “Ensuring the historic ruins of the castle are protected from further damage is something both the council and community council are committed to. This partnership approach has worked well and I am delighted we have come up with a solution in the short term, but are also looking forward to what is possible in the medium and long term.”