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On the right road to repairing winter damage

Published Thursday, 24 May 2018

Road workers resurfacing road

Restoring roads to the quality expected of them is a challenge after the ravages of this years winter weather.

It is a challenge our roads workers are determined to meet head on. More than £23million will be spent by the council on the roads across South Lanarkshire with work to repair weather damage adding to scheduled work and including no fewer than 146 separate resurfacing projects.

With responsibility to maintain more than 1400 miles of roads across the local authority area, the council is kept busy even in a year of moderate weather.

However, a winter where snow and ice freezes, expands and then thaws, not just once but frequently throughout the winter, is one of the worst situations for damaging road surfaces.

Councillor John Anderson, Chair of Community and Enterprise Services, said: “Our road network is surveyed annually, as it is for all 32 council areas across Scotland, and these surveys confirm that South Lanarkshire’s road network has improved year on year for the last seven years.

“However, we inevitably face challenges, not least of which is damage to the road surface from winter weather such as the harsh cold snaps that we suffered several times this year. The freezing conditions cause road surfaces to break meaning that we are left with the potholes and worn surfaces that we are all familiar with.

“When you consider the amount of roads that lie across the 1772 sq km of South Lanarkshire - and that the types of roads vary from town centres to remote rural areas – and then add in the footpaths that we maintain and repair as well, you can see the scale of the work that lies before us.

“However, no matter the magnitude of the challenge, we still need to endeavour to keep our roads and footpaths at the required standard for those who use them, and so we are delighted to be committing the funding and resources necessary to address this.”

The council will be investing £23.12m in the upkeep of its roads during the 2018/19 financial year, with almost £8m of that allocated to routine, scheduled and reactive maintenance such as patching, pothole repairs, safety defects, road markings, signs and gully cleaning.

The remainder, just more than £15m, has been allocated to planned maintenance projects covering the 146 carriageway resurfacing projects and 26 projects that will see footway resurfacing carried out.