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PPI scammers target ‘victims’ by text

Published Tuesday, 12 June 2018

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With the deadline for reclaiming PPI now proposed for August 2019 many will be having one final check to see if they are owed.

However in an increasingly ‘time-poor’ society, just as many could see themselves falling prey to scammers offering their ‘no win, no fee’ services.

South Lanarkshire Council’s consumer and trading standards team is dealing with more and more cases of consumers caught in just such a net.

In some cases, thousands of pounds have been paid out to fraudsters who subsequently disappear without trace.

Explained Cllr John Anderson, Chair of Community and Enterprise Resources: “Of particular concern are scammers who trawl for their business via text. Most of us now operate such a lot of our financial dealings through our ‘phones and it seems so easy and quick to exchange a few texts and wait for your PPI payout.

“In reality, this very rarely happens. Often you are asked to send bank or card details, along with other confidential info. Sometimes a ‘fee’ is requested up front, and on occasion some have sent cash through the post having been advised by the ‘PPI investigator’ that this is the only way to ensure a big payout.

“Consumers are losing thousands of pounds through this type of scam. Never send cash by post, it is highly unlikely you will ever see a return on the money promised to you by these criminal groups.

“If you genuinely believe you are owed PPI, contact your bank, building society, Money Advice or Citizens Advice Centre in the first instance. If your claim is ultimately rejected then the Financial Ombudsman can advise of means of appeal or redress. None of this costs any money and never should.”