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Published Thursday, 03 May 2012

numbers 1-4 for voting system

The people of South Lanarkshire go to the polls today (Thursday 3 May) to vote in the Council Elections 2012.

Below is the list of candidates standing in each of the 20 multi-member wards.

At these elections you will be asked to vote using numbers to elect Councillors for the ward you live in. The voting system used at these elections is called Single Transferable Vote (STV), which means when you vote you put the number 1 next to the name of the candidate who is your first choice, 2 next to your second choice, 3 next your third choice and so on. You can mark as many or as few as you like. For more information please go to our election page

3 or 4 councillors will be elected to serve in each ward and they will all have equal status.

Ward 1 - Clydesdale West

Alex Allison - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Lynsey Hamilton - Scottish Labour Party

Pat Lee - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Eileen Logan - Scottish Labour Party

Neil MacLeod - UK Independence Party (UK I P)

Robin Mawhinney - Scottish Christian Party "Proclaiming Christ's Lordship"

Duncan McFarlane - Independent

Peter Charles Meehan - Scottish Liberal Democrats

David Shearer - Scottish National Party (SNP)


Ward 2 - Clydesdale North

Ed Archer - Independent

Catherine McClymont - Scottish Labour Party

Gordon Muir - Scottish Labour Party

Patrick Ross-Taylor - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Vivienne Shaw - Scottish National Party (SNP)

George Sutherland - Scottish National Party (SNP)


Ward 3 - Clydesdale East

Ralph Barker - Scottish Labour Party

Bev Gauld - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Ian Donald McAllan - Scottish National Party (SNP)

John McLatchie - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Janet Moxley - Scottish Green Party

Hamish Stewart - Scottish Conservative and Unionist


Ward 4 - Clydesdale South

George Greenshields - Scottish Labour Party

Archie Manson - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Tom McDonald - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Chris McEwan - UK Independence Party (UK I P)

Colin McGavigan - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Alex McInnes - Scottish Labour Party


Ward 5 - Avondale and Stonehouse

Graeme Campbell - Independent

Margaret Cooper - Scottish Labour Party

Isobel Dorman - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Lynn Filshie - Independent

Allan Finnie - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

John Hamilton - Scottish Labour Party

William Holman - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Jim Malloy - Independent

Melvyn Donald Randall - UK Independence Party (UK I P)

Kenny Weir - Independent

Erica Young - Scottish Green Party


Ward 6 - East Kilbride South

Archie Buchanan - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Jim Docherty - Scottish Labour Party

Douglas Edwards - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Patricia Harrow - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Douglas Herbison - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Colin McKay - East Kilbride Alliance

John Park - Solidarity

Patrick Quigg - Scottish Labour Party


Ward 7 - East Kilbride Central South

John Anderson - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Gerry Convery - Scottish Labour Party

Susan Kerr - Scottish Labour Party

Duncan McLean - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Isabel Perratt - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Alasdair Sutherland - Scottish Liberal Democrats


Ward 8 - East Kilbride Central North

William Chalmers - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Richard Foster - Solidarity

Clare Keane - East Kilbride Alliance

Anne Maggs - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Alice Marie Mitchell - Scottish Labour Party

Kirsten Robb - Scottish Green Party

Chris Thompson - Scottish Labour Party

Sheena Wardhaugh - Scottish National Party (SNP)


Ward 9 - East Kilbride West

Brian Jones - East Kilbride Alliance

Janice McGinlay - Scottish Labour Party

John Reilly - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Alan Scott - Scottish Labour Party

Graham Simpson - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

David Watson - Scottish National Party (SNP)


Ward 10 - East Kilbride East

Nigel Benzies - Scottish Liberal Democrats

John Cairney - Scottish Labour Party

Ian Harrow - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Gladys Miller - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Graham Scott - Scottish Labour Party

Jim Wardhaugh - Scottish National Party (SNP)


Ward 11 - Rutherglen South

Robert Brown - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Michael Haigh - Scottish Unionists, Proudly Scottish, Proudly British

Anne Higgins - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Gerard Killen - Scottish Labour Party

Brian McKenna - Scottish Labour Party

Richard Tawse - Scottish Conservative and Unionist


Ward 12 - Rutherglen Central and North

Gordon Clark - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Michael Hanley - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Tunweer Malik - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Edward McAvoy - Scottish Labour Party

Denis McKenna - Scottish Labour Party

Jean Miller - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Jim Nixon - Scottish Unionists, Proudly Scottish, Proudly British


Ward 13 - Cambuslang West

David Baillie - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Russell Clearie - Scottish Labour Party

James MacKay - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Clare McColl - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Janice Sharkey - Scottish Green Party

Richard Tullett - Scottish Labour Party


Ward 14 - Cambuslang East

Walter Brogan Scottish Labour Party

Pam Clearie - Scottish Labour Party

Christine Deanie - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Alan Fraser - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Alistair Fulton - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Lindsay Watt - Scottish Liberal Democrats


Ward 15 - Blantyre

Isobel Black - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Hugh Dunsmuir - Scottish Labour Party

Jim Handibode - Scottish Labour Party

Michael Martin - Independent

Michael McGlynn - Christian Peoples Alliance - Supporting Traditional Marriage

John McNamee - Scottish Labour Party

John Mullen - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Bert Thomson - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Gavin Wallace - Independent

Mark Watson - Scottish Liberal Democrats


Ward 16 - Bothwell and Uddingston

Maureen Devlin - Scottish Labour Party

Anne Kegg - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Jim McGuigan - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Patrick Morgan - Scottish Labour Party


Ward 17 - Hamilton North and East

Lynn Adams - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Balarabe Baba - Independent

Barry Douglas - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Alasdair Duke - Scottish Green Party

Monica Lennon - Scottish Labour Party

Davie McLachlan - Scottish Labour Party

Margaret Murray - Scottish Conservative and Unionist


Ward 18 - Hamilton West and Earnock

Allan Falconer - Scottish Labour Party

McKenzie Gibson - Scottish Liberal Democrats

Graeme Horne - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Connar McBain - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Jean McKeown - Scottish Labour Party

John Menzies - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Rob Sale - UK Independence Party (UK I P)


Ward 19 - Hamilton South

Angela Crawley - Scottish National Party (SNP)

David Holland - All Scotland Pensioners Party

Bobby Lawson - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Joe Lowe - Scottish Labour Party

Brian McCaig - Scottish Labour Party

John Murray - Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Craig Smith - Scottish Christian Party "Proclaiming Christ's Lordship"


Ward 20 - Larkhall

Jackie Burns - Scottish Labour Party

Andy Carmichael - Scottish Labour Party

Peter Craig - Scottish National Party (SNP)

Donald Murdo MacKay - UK Independence Party

Lesley McDonald - Scottish National Party (SNP)

David Murray - Scottish Conservative and Unionist


The list of successfully elected members will be posted on our website as they are declared by the Returning Officer at the count on Friday 4 May.

Council Tax privacy statement

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Sharing your information

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Where external contractors are appointed to process information on our behalf, there are contracts which require them to keep personal information safe and prohibits them from doing anything with your personal data other than following our instructions.

Statistics and reports

We may use your information (and the occupier’s if different) for related audit, statistics or management information. Personal details will not be used to identify you (and/or the occupier if different) in any reports or analysis or shared with other parts of the council or anyone else. The Council is the data controller for the purpose of the Data Protection Act 1998. The Council’s Privacy Policy sets out the high level principles we operate to in using people's personal data.

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