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Have your say on local plan 'main issues'

Published Friday, 11 May 2012

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Local communities are being urged to have their say as the council prepares its new Local Development Plan.

Everyone is being encouraged to comment before the end of June on the 'Main Issues Report' (MIR) which is the first stage in the replacement of the existing South Lanarkshire Local Plan.

Michael McGlynn, the council's Head of Planning and Building Standards, said: "The prime purpose of this process is to allow early comment from interested parties on how the council can address key matters before any policies are written or proposals are brought forward.

"No decisions are being made at this stage, we just want to hear what people think."

Councils are obliged to put a new Local Development Plan in place within two years of the adoption of the Glasgow and Clyde Valley Strategic Development Plan - formerly the Structure Plan. This means that the new South Lanarkshire Local Development Plan must be adopted by 2014.

The MIR plus its associated technical documents are available for public consultation until 4pm on Friday 29 June. It can be viewed in local planning offices, libraries, one-stop shops or you can download from the local development plan page.