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Children's and Young People's views of Child Protection

The report entitled Children and Young People's Views on Child Protection in Scotland collates and reviews existing evidence from 2008 – to date of children's views of child protection. The evidence is drawn together in two sections:

  • views on common child protection issues/experience which children face e.g. domestic abuse, substance misuse, being looked after, appearing before children’s hearings
  • views on the child protection system

The latter includes the review undertaken by South Lanarkshire's Child Protection Committee.

The report is a useful and quick source of reference for the various studies undertaken and could be valuable to practitioners who might want to cite evidence for reports they are writing about children’s circumstances.

The conclusion of the report confirms our own findings that generally children had positive views of their social workers and were able to talk to them. 

However, it also highlights the need to improve information available for children and engagement with them. This might involve making sure they understand processes or helping them attend key meetings like case conferences.

The report also found there were significant gaps in knowledge, particularly in respect of younger (pre-5) children and those who are disabled or from ethnic minorities.  There also needs to be more research on the outcomes of the children's experiences.