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Mobile play service

Mobile play service

Our indoor equipment of Bouncy Castle and Ball Pool are available for hire. A play worker will come and set these up and stay for the session with you.

Other indoor equipment and games are also available for all ages of children.

This is ideal for a fun day or sponsored event.

South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture Mobile play service - outdoor.

Our outdoor equipment is available for the better weather. We have the ‘Towdabout’ which is a large trailer which folds out into a chute, climbing frame, den, fireman’s pole and rocking animals.

Outdoor games such as Snakes and Ladder, Giant Jenga and Connect 4 are also available.

Both the indoor and outdoor service require two helpers from your organisation to assist with setting up and dismantling the equipment. The hiring organisation is responsible for the children.

For up-to-date price list or to make a booking please call our admin team on 01698 476230.

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