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New Media development

New Media development

New media uses sound, music, film, TV, internet and computing software technologies in the arts environment.

By crossing boundaries and discovering new ways of communicating with each other, our new media programme is constantly moving by creating exciting and challenging multi-artform projects.

We run an on-going programme of classes, courses, Summer Film Schools, workshops, seminars, residencies, performances and exciting one-off events. Our wide ranging programme is designed to accommodate all needs, ages and abilities and runs over four academic terms enrolling in August, October, January and April each year (three terms at East Kilbride Arts Centre). Details are available in the arts development annual brochure and in the ACE children's activities programmes.

These projects are created and produced not only using our digital editing suite at Rutherglen Town Hall but also in other venues.

Our current projects cater for all interests, skill levels and indeed age groups incorporating film making, digital design, photographic collage, sound editing and animation.

For further information on new media, please contact:

Arts Development Office
Tel: 01698 452 299

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    We offer a vast range of courses for children, young people and adults from Ceramics to Musical Instruments tuition.

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    South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture festivals, including CATCH, Summer Arts are ACE, Give it a Go, and Young at Heart.

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