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Early Years activities

The South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture Early Years programme.

Are you pregnant or have you recently had a baby and are looking for some activities to keep yourself and your baby healthy?

Exercising ante and post-natally has many benefits for both you and your baby including:

  • Strengthening heart and lungs
  • Controlling and maintaining healthy weight
  • Improving stamina, circulation and posture
  • Reducing symptoms of pregnancy
  • Improved sleep pattern
  • Reduced anxiety and improved relaxation
  • Aid faster post natal recovery

Check the ACE Activities Timetable or the Tiny ACE brochure for days and times of classes. There are lots of activities tailored for you and your baby's needs from ante and post natal exercise to arts and culture classes.

Classes include:

  • Aqua natal: an aqua aerobics class specifically for ladies who are 17 weeks pregnant and onwards
  • Fun Stroller Fitness/Strollers/Buggy Walk: A group exercise class delivered outside by a qualified exercise professional
  • Weigh to Go: New Mum - 10 week FREE adult weight management programme delivered in partnership between SLLC and NHS Lanarkshire. It includes a 45 minute nutritional and behaviour change segment followed by 45 minutes of Fun Stroller Fitness
  • Baby Yoga: suitable for mothers and babies 12 weeks to crawling *
  • Toddler Yoga: suitable for mothers and babies from walking to pre-school - a fun, interactive class that follows on from Baby Yoga (no previous participation necessary) *
  • Adult and Baby / Child recreational swimming

* classes included in ACE or Tiny ACE membership.

The Daisy Foundation Lanarkshire also offer a variety of Early Years products, from birthing to toddler classes. To find out more about these classes simply click on the link

South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture are interested in the health and wellbeing of all our users, so are proud to link with a Post Natal Depression peer support group running in South Lanarkshire, to find out more visit their Facebook page at

  • ACE children's activities

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    Find out what activities South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture are offering for children across South Lanarkshire.

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