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Welcome to our digital library pages. Here you will discover lots of exciting free resources accessible on your PC, tablet or mobile phone.

If you're not already a library member, you can join the library right now!  

If you are a library member start your digital journey using the links below.

  • Digital library

    Digital library

    Enjoy free access to eBooks, eAudiobooks, eMagazines and eNewspapers with your Digital Library

  • Healthy living

    Healthy living

    Find online information and resources to help you enjoy Healthy Living

  • Heritage online

    Heritage online

    Discover your place in history, with free access to our Ancestory, imaging and history resources.

  • How to join the library

    How to join the library

    Join South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture libraries and enjoy access to reading, learning and IT resources

  • Learning and lifestyle

    Learning and lifestyle

    Find information, resources and training opportunities to help improve your Learning and Lifestyle

  • Library online catalogue

    Library online catalogue

    Search for books and audio books, or find the perfect DVD box set for the weekend

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