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'Eclectech' Gallery at Low Parks Museum

Published: Tuesday, 30 April 2019

'Eclectech' Gallery at Low Parks Museum

'Eclectech' Gallery at Low Parks Museum

‘Eclectech’ is an exciting new gallery development showcasing an eclectic mix of South Lanarkshire’s wonderful museum collections, from the quirky and unusual, to the very domestic and the stunningly beautiful.

The new gallery takes a different approach to the traditional museum gallery, and will display a very broad range of interesting objects from South Lanarkshire’s collections. Many have never previously been on display and some have been hidden in storage for many years.

All of the objects on show will have their own unique story. Each has a connection or personal link to South Lanarkshire’s social history through its industries, transport, trades, craft and technological developments.

The gallery has broad appeal to all ages and is a colourful, vibrant and welcoming space, with film footage from our archives and a programme of events and activities throughout the year to keep visitors engaged.

This permanent gallery is the latest development project in a programme of gallery improvements and changes to Low Parks Museum. This programme of projects and the new gallery has been funded with the generous support of external funders Museums Galleries Scotland.

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