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Published: Tuesday, 27 May 2014



Mamie tells the story of Margaret McClure a single mother, good neighbour, friend and backstreet abortionist.

Audiences will be left to ask themselves is Mamie McClure an angel to the desperate? The only person women in trouble could turn to in an age when abortion is illegal, contraception hard to come by and poverty rife, or is she nothing more than a devil in disguise?
Is she simply a woman down on her luck, just trying to support her son? Or is she an opportunist charging a £5 a time fee in an era when the average working man’s weekly wage is just that?

Everybody has a story and this is hers.

Available to book online or by calling Rutherglen Town Hall on 0141 613 5700.

Date: 24 Oct 2019

Time: 7:30pm

Cost: £12.50 / £10.50 concession

Venue: Rutherglen Town Hall

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