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SLLC Fitness Live 2020

Published: Thursday, 17 October 2019

SLLC Fitness Live 2020

SLLC Fitness Live 2020

SLLC takes fitness to the big stage!

On Saturday 11 January 2020, Lanark Memorial Hall and Hamilton Town House will host the biggest fitness events of the year and you are all invited to take part!

This year we are extending the events to ensure the day can offer something for everyone…

The morning event will remain similar to previous years. From 9am-1pm your amazing coaches will take you through the new releases from Les Mills as well as a few other favourites. Classes run back to back in 30 or 45 minute taster slots.

The afternoon event will offer something completely different. From 1pm-4pm we slow things down and take you through an afternoon of Mind, Body and Soul classes, each 30 minutes long.

For both events we ask participants to arrive 15 minutes before the start to register and find your spot. After a brief welcome, we hand you over to the familiar faces of our SLLC coaching team.

Throughout the morning we will have a buffet of soup, sandwiches and fruit for you to help yourself. Cream teas will be served at the end of the Mind, Body and Soul event. Customers with any dietary requirements should let us know in advance.

Water and other snacks will be available throughout.

Everyone will receive a gift as they arrive at the venues.

How to book

In person / telephone bookings open from 15 November 2019.

Online priority bookings open on 1 November via online booking.

If you are new to online booking it is very easy to get set up. Ask at reception for your member ID number, visit the website and request a new four digit pin.

On the website you will find the events in the "advanced search" option.

Choose your venue - Lanark Memorial Hall or Hamilton Town House.

Change the date to 11/01/2020 and search.

Lanark Memorial Hall options:

Morning fitness inc Pump (80 spaces) 9am-1pm

Morning fitness ex. Pump (40 spaces) 10am-1pm

Mind, Body and Soul (80 spaces) 1pm-4pm

Hamilton Town House options:

Morning fitness (120 spaces) 9am-1pm

Mind, Body and Soul (80 spaces) 1pm-4pm


Morning fitness: £7.50 for fitness members / £15 for non-members

Mind, Body and Soul: £7.50 for fitness members / £15 for non-members

Customers are more than welcome to attend both sessions.

For any additional information please contact the staff at your local leisure centre.

Please note, due to hall space and access, Spin will only take place at The Town House, Hamilton .

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