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One Singer - One Song

Published: Monday, 26 May 2014

One Singer - One Song

One Singer - One Song

By Cat Harvey
Directed by Andrew Agnew

Glasgow legend May Miller
River City's Tom Urie
B.G.T's Edward Reid
Clyde 1's Cat Harvey
And introducing Stephanie Fulton

A hilarious new comedy about the dysfunctional stars of a chaotic Glaswegian Entertainment agency all fighting to land the once in a life-time gig of their careers.

Crystal Scotland runs the Wee Ratbag Entertainment Agency, a talent company specialising in flamboyant has-beens and desperate wannabes.

Astonishingly she's landed a life-changing TV slot to fill, but there's only time for ONE SINGER ONE SONG.

June Tennant (May Miller) is Queen of the scene and expects it, however, arch-nemesis Dougal Diamond (Edward Reid) reckons it's his moment to shine and is prepared to do whatever it takes.

Inspired by the spirit of Elvis, Musician Johnny Nashville and Social Media Influencer Bendy Britney also fancy their chances.

A freak cosmic incident turns their worlds upside down and they're forced to examine their own motives and personalities in the most unexpected and funniest of ways.

An unashamedly fanciful tale of music, rivalries, self-discovery and fabulousness.

Crammed full of sing-a-long hits, funky dancing and side-splitting laughs this is pure joyful escapism.

So who lands the big gig? Well, you'll have to come and see.....

Available to book online or by calling The Town House Hamilton on 01698 452299.

Date: 20 Mar 2020

Time: 7:30pm

Cost: £17.50 / £15.50

Venue: The Town House Hamilton

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