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Update on Covid-19 Restrictions

Published: Monday, 04 January 2021

Update on Covid-19 Restrictions

Update on Covid-19 Restrictions

The First Minister announced that further Covid Restrictions will come into effect from midnight on Monday 4 January.

We are currently interpreting the detail behind the announcement but, in summary, the majority of activities provided by SLLC will cease until the end of January at the earliest.

All indoor facilities will close and many of our outdoor activities, such as our new outdoor fitness classes, will have to stop for the time being. All football training will also stop whilst we await further guidance from the SFA. Some activities such as golf will be able to continue, weather permitting, but games will be limited to two balls. 

Although all libraries will have to close, we will be able to continue to offer our Connect and Collect service.

Our full programme of online activities also will continue.

We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.


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