Youth Partnership

The remit of the Youth Partnership (Corporate Connections Board) is to:

  • agree and review the priorities of the Youth Strategy through engagement with young people, recognising their changing needs
  • ensure partners fully engage with service users in the delivery, development and evaluation of services
  • monitor and evaluate progress against targets within the annual youth action plans and associated youth partnership Partnership Improvement Plan, recording the outcomes achieved by young people
  • progress systems to increase the involvement of young people in the development of their communities
  • champion the wider achievement and attainment of young people, contributing to the delivery of Curriculum for Excellence
  • promote and develop volunteering of young people within communities
  • develop and monitor systems to improve young peoples' access to services and service information
  • work in partnership to avoid duplication of services, maximise opportunities for young people and develop prevention/intervention strategies to service delivery
  • inform partners of national and local policy changes and support the implementation within service delivery including CLD Strategic Guidance and the National Youth Work Strategy
  • identify and promote models of good practice in relation to services for young people
  • Widen representation of young people within planning and decision making structures across South Lanarkshire
  • support the work of the sub structures


The Partnership meets every eight weeks and membership consists of:

  • NHS Lanarkshire
  • Police Scotland
  • Regen:fx
  • Scottish Fire and Rescue
  • Skills Development Scotland
  • South Lanarkshire Council
  • South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture
  • South Lanarkshire Youth Council
  • VASLan (Community and Voluntary Sectors)


The sub-groups of the Youth Partnership are:

  • Regen:fx 
  • No Knives Better Lives