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Our Place Our Plan - Whitehill

Our Neighbourhood Plan for Whitehill Year One 2022-2023

This Plan sets out priorities and aspirations for our community identified by residents between May 2021 and March 2022.


A local group of community stakeholders has produced this plan. Most members are local residents and we are joined by representatives from key local agencies and organisations.

To ensure progress is made this plan will be updated on a yearly basis. This is the first phase of longer-term developments in our community.

You will see we have used the data gathered through the survey to set priority themes for the Whitehill area.

For this plan to work it needs you. Every resident, worker, volunteer or elected member in the area can help to bring about change and help us make the most of our shared resources. You can help in many ways by telling others about what’s going on, by joining the community action group or the working groups to take forward some of the actions in the plan or simply enjoy and take part in what’s happening around you.

If you live or work in the area and would like to get involved, please contact 0303 123 1017 or email communities@southlanarkshire.gov.uk


This neighbourhood plan has been informed by extensive community engagement carried out between
May 2021 and March 2022. The process involved:

  • Research into existing assets in Whitehill was undertaken to highlight the great work already taking place within the community.
  • A number of meetings with local residents and representatives from key organisations in the area to design the methods of engagement to suit the community of Whitehill.
  • A community survey delivered door to door which covered all households within the Whitehill area.
  • Interviews with young people through strong partnership working with the local schools, Active Schools Coordinators and Universal Connections.

Thank you to everyone who took part!

  • 420 people took part
  • Male 31%, Female 65%, Other 1%, Prefer not to say 3%
  • 5-15 years 24%
  • 16-18 years 2%
  • 19-25 years 3%
  • 26-40 years 26%
  • 41-50 years 15%
  • 51-65 years 15%
  • Older than 65 years 15%

Survey findings

What people like about Whitehill

Improvements/new opportunities suggested

1. Play park and sports park improvements


People helping each other.


Cleaner woodlands.


2. More leisure and social opportunities


Bothwell Road Park


More social activities, for young people and older people.


 3. Stronger and better communities


Community groups.


Better use of the Community Centre.


4. Physical environment and housing improvements


The woods and nature trail.


More litter/dog waste bins.


5. Easier to get about/moving around


No comments.


Better bus service.


6. Better education, training and employment opportunities


The schools.


More learning activities and more activities for young people.


7. Greater community safety


People helping each other.


Reduce anti-social behaviour and increase presence of Police/community wardens.


8. Health improvements


The Military Veterans Garden.


More (affordable) sports activities.


Local groups

Community group

Contact details

Childcare in the Community – Nursery and Out of School Care

Whitehill Neighbourhood Centre

9 Hunter Road, Hamilton ML3 0LH

Phone: 01698 477498/476586

Email: childcareinthecommunity@btconnect.com

Youth, Family and Community Learning

Whitehill Neighbourhood Centre

9 Hunter Road, Hamilton ML3 0LH

Phone: 01698 476585

Adopt a Street

Jim Cuthbertson

Email: jimcuthbertson50@outlook.com

Bothwell Road Action Group




Joint Ex-Service
Veterans Garden

Jim Poulton

Phone: 07790 793715

Email: jimpoulton49@yahoo.co.uk

Whitehill Activity Group

Sharon Haig (Secretary)

Email: whitehillactivitygroup@gmail.com

Whitehill Community Support Group

Suzanne Jaimeson

Phone: 07375 384999

Email: suzannejamieson1@outlook.com

Whitehill Summer
Fun Day Group

Jim Cuthbertson

Email: jimcuthbertson50@outlook.com


What’s good about Whitehill

Main themes


People helping each other


Community groups


The woods and nature trail


The schools



What would you describe as resources within your community?


The shops


The neighbourhood centre


Bothwell Road Park


Universal Connections


The Stakeholders Group meets regularly and working groups will also be meeting to
take forward some of the priority themes outlined.

If you live or work in the area and would like to get involved please contact 0303 123 1017 or email communities@southlanarkshire.gov.uk

“If we see small changes, these will lead to bigger changes and hopefully bring Whitehill back to the way it used to be, over time. We need more people to engage in the community to make this work. Let everyone know and let’s make the change.”Local Stakeholder,
Group Member