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Our Place Our Plan - Burnhill

Our Neighbourhood Plan for Burnhill (Annual Progress Report 2021–2022)


  • Burnhill is a small community in Rutherglen that sits on the South Lanarkshire side of the border to Glasgow City Council.
  • Burnhill is part of Ward 12 – Rutherglen Central and North.
  • The housing in the area is made up of a mixture of houses and flatted properties.
  • Burnhill has a very strong Action Group who deliver a variety of activities for the community.
  • Burnhill has a population of approximately 3,300.

Our Place Our Plan – Burnhill sets out priorities and highlights the positive things going on for our community of Burnhill identified by residents between November 2019 and January 2020.  A local community action group produced this plan.  Most members are local residents, however, we are joined by representatives from key local agencies and organisations.

You will see we have used the data gathered through the survey to set 10 priority themes for Burnhill.


  • October 2019 – First Stakeholders meeting held.
  • November to January 2020 – Consultation open, door to door conversations took place, school/group visits to encourage young people to take part.
  • 230 people shared their hopes and aspirations for their area through the consultation.
  • February to October 2020 – The Neighbourhood Plan was produced, printed and delivered/shared to residents in the Burnhill community.
  • Stakeholders meeting regularly held to discuss future plans (See details below on how to get involved).
  • May 2021 – Participatory Budgeting exercise £8,400 allocated to 2 local projects.
  • September 2021 – first annual progress report published and shared with the community.

Participatory Budgeting

What is Participatory Budgeting (PB)?  PB is recognised internationally as a way for people to have a direct say in how public money is spent.  The Burnhill Community had the opportunity to have their say in how £8,400 should be spent in the area.

The Burnhill community delivered this process in their own bespoke way as local people in the area helped to design the process.  Local stakeholders and groups were invited to propose projects/activities that were shared with the community to then allow local people to vote and tell them what they would like £8400 to be spent on.  The community had the opportunity to vote online and in person as a link was shared via South Lanarkshire Council and Local Social media pages, and the stakeholders held outdoor voting stations within the community. There was a great turnout 218 people showed support and voted for their favourite projects/groups.  The votes were then counted and the projects with the most votes were allocated funding to allow their projects to get underway.

Burnhill – £8400 (218 votes cast) 2 projects funded

No. No. of Votes Project

Amount awarded (Based on % of votes)

1 139 (62%) Outdoor Play £5,208
2 79 (38%) Community Garden £3,192

Priority Progress that has been achieved

1 More leisure and social opportunities

50 young people participated in the summer outdoor games sessions which was hosted by local volunteers.

60 young people attended the summer football sessions which were delivered by 10 local people.

27 local people participated in online bingo sessions.

55 local residents enjoyed a trip to the local pantomime.

25/30 family members attending The Family Hub on a weekly basis (resumed delivery January 2022).

2 Stronger and better communities

• Over 100 Easter gift bags were distributed to young people in the community as a substitute for no celebration event due to lockdown.

43 families participated in a baking competition.

40 young people attended Breakfast with Santa.

160 young people and 100 adults participated in The Christmas Elf Trail.

844 residents are better connected through the Burnhill Social media pages, with an average post reach of 450 and volunteers continue to manage this social media page, making excellent use of this platform for the sharing of information and promotion of opportunities available to all in the community.

218 locals were supported to take part in the participatory budget process by voting for applications to the fund.

3 Physical environment and housing improvements

5 adults and 16 young people are involved in the development of the green space known as The High Backs.

50 residents participated in flower growing activity.

10 young people are regular attenders at the weekly community clean ups.

4 Play park and sports park improvements

• New goals for the grass football pitches have been secured and will be installed soon.

• Although located within the Glasgow City Council boundary, significant improvements have been made to Malls Mire Park which sit within Toryglen immediately adjacent to Burnhill. At an investment total of £3.5m, in 16 ha of land, improvements have included improved pathways and lighting for access to and from Burnhill.

5 Easier to get about/moving around

• The Action Group will focus on this priority at a later date.

6 Greater community safety

• The Action Group will focus on this priority at a later date.

7 More variety of shops/businesses

• The Action Group will focus on this priority at a later date.

8 Better education, training and employment opportunities

49 individuals engaged in employability services.

4 individual starts on Employability Fund.

3 individual starts to employability training (other than Employability Fund).

9 individuals supported into employment.

1 individual supported into other positive destinations.

9 Better financial wellbeing

• Free Sanitary products can be collected from Rutherglen Library.

• Free Sanitary Products have been delivered to 26 residents in Burnhill.

• Local residents learning about food growing and food sustainability through the “High Backs” project.

£5,000 received through the CORRA Foundation to deliver 100 £50 vouchers to local residents on low incomes.

10 Health improvements

35 residents completed training on how to administer Naloxon.

• Local volunteers qualified to deliver training for the delivery of Naloxon.

35 local people attending The Health and Wellbeing Hub on a weekly basis (resumed delivery January 2022).

• Promoting cancer screening and offering smear tests out of hours and providing transport and childcare.

• Little lifesaver course has been booked and delivered on Mondays.

Development plans

  • A new Participatory Budgeting Exercise.
  • Last year’s PB Activities delivered – Activities that are funded through the PB Process will be delivered and monitored to evaluate impact.
  • Strengthen Stakeholder Group – Continue to work with the stakeholders to drive the plan forward while recruiting new members.
  • Continue to explore the priorities highlighted in the plan and work as a collective to work to improve the priorities.
  • Work with local groups to access opportunities (funding, training, networking).
  • Support the community to recover from the pandemic.

“The collaborative work being delivered within the Burnhill area of South Lanarkshire between the Burnhill Action Group, Action for Children, South Lanarkshire Council and Hugh Stirling is truly remarkable."

It has a real feel of community spirit, where members of the community are fully consulted and allowed to have their say and put over their points of view and in partnership allow real change to be made whilst providing opportunity for young people from the surrounding areas all whilst giving something back to the community.” Joe Bryers (Action for Children)

Case study

£8,400 was allocated to the Burnhill area for 2019/20 and 2021/22 proposals were welcomed from the local community stakeholders group to be voted on by residents in the area. 218 people voted and the successful proposals were for children’s play equipment and a community garden development.  These projects both overlap as the piece of land being developed into a community garden after consultation with the community will include a safe place for the community, young people and their families to enjoy organised community activities.

Burnhill Action Group have been working in partnership with Action for Children’s unpaid work team to develop the piece of land.  These organisations conducted a consultation with local people to share their hopes and aspirations for the community space to allow the design work to take place.  Both the community volunteers and the unpaid work team have made loads of progress over the past months to clear the land and make the space usable for the community.  They have also managed to build a storage and coffee hut to allow refreshments at community events and have started work on a small stage that can be used by the community.  Following on from this work there will be paths created and planters and poly tunnel for community growing.

A few events have been hosted in the space recently and some of the local groups have been enjoying the space.  The community are looking forward to planning and organising events for the Burnhill community to enjoy.

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Want to be involved?

If you would like to get involved please contact 0303 123 1017 or email communities@southlanarkshire.gov.uk