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Our Place Our Plan – Fernhill



Our Neighbourhood Plan for Fernhill Year One 2022-2023

This report sets out priorities and themes identified by Fernhill residents in the Fernhill Neighbourhood Plan survey between November 2020 and March 2022.


A local community action group have produced this plan. Most members are local residents however we are joined by representatives from key local agencies and organisations.

To ensure progress is made this plan will be updated on a yearly basis. This is the first phase of longer term developments in our community.

You will see we have used the data gathered through the survey to set 10 priority themes for the Fernhill area. The launch event for this plan will allow the community to vote on their top priorities to be focused on in year one of the plan. More will be done to take forward all the other themes in the future.

For this plan to work it needs you, yes, you. Every resident, every worker, volunteer or elected member in the area can help to bring about change and help us make the most of our shared resources – our people and our place. You can help in many ways by telling others about what’s going on, by joining the stakeholders group or the working groups to take forward some of the actions in the plan or simply enjoy
and take part in what’s happening around you.


This neighbourhood plan has been informed by extensive community engagement carried out between November 2020 and March 2022 the process involved:

  • An asset map of the community was produced to highlight the great work already ongoing within the community.
  • A number of meetings with local residents and representatives from key organisations in the area to design the engagement.
  • A community survey delivered door to door which covered all households within the Fernhill area.
  • A paper copy of the survey was delivered to every house in Fernhill with a drop box located in the local shop to collect completed surveys.
  • Local stakeholders promoted the opportunity through their networks.
  • Interviews with young people from schools.

Thank you to everyone who took part!

  • Over 50% of households were engaged in the consultation process (Male 36% & Female 64%)
  • 5 local groups engaged in workshops/interviews
  • 646 people took part

Survey findings

What people like about Fernhill

Improvements/new opportunities suggested

1. More leisure and social opportunities


Local groups and organisations, the community centre and churches.

More Activities for all local people, More youth focused activity, better access to the community centre and access to sports facilities locally.

2. Stronger and better communities


The people in Fernhill, good neighbours who look out for each other, local volunteers.

More community events e.g. fun days and clean-up’s, more people getting involved in leading on activities and taking part and more community spirit.

 3. Play park and sports park improvements


The football pitch, the local play park and Fernbrae Meadows.


Improve playpark equipment, access
to football pitches, a community
football pitch.


4. Physical environment and housing improvements


The houses in the area look great,
the meadows.


Housing repairs and upgrades,
better bins and bin sheds, local people taking ownership of gardens and less
fly tipping.


5. More variety of shops/businesses


Local shops.

More shops and variety of shops
more locally.


6. Easier to get about/moving around


Transport links are good.


Better parking, traffic management and better bus service.

7. Greater community safety


It’s safe and quiet.

Higher police/community warden presence, less anti-social behaviour

8. Better education, training and employment opportunities


Schools in the area.

More training and employment opportunities for local people.

9. Health improvements



Mental health services, fitness groups, support for addictions

10. Better financial wellbeing



Investment in the local area and more money advice services.


What is Participatory Budgeting?

Participatory budgeting is recognised internationally as a way for people to have a direct say in how public money is spent. The Fernhill Community has had the opportunity to have their say in how £2800 should be spent in the area.

“It has been great to hear the views and opinions of the residents in Fernhill through this consultation for the neighbourhood plan.”

Karen Gillespie
South Lanarkshire Council

“Participatory budgeting monies helped the youth club have a magic Christmas event allowing gifts, food and selection boxes.”

Fernhill Youth Club Staff

What’s already happening in Fernhill

The Fernhill community delivered this process in their own bespoke way as local people in the area helped to design the process. Local stakeholders and groups were invited to apply for funding for activities delivered in the Fernhill area. The projects were shared with the community to then allow local people to vote and tell them what they would like £2800 to be spent on.

The community had the opportunity to vote online and in person as a link was shared via South Lanarkshire Council and Local Social media pages and the Stakeholders held outdoor voting stations within the community. There was a great turn out 337 people showed support and voted for their favourite projects/groups.

The votes were then counted and the projects with the most votes were allocated funding to allow their projects to get underway.

Congratulations to all of the successful groups we can’t wait to hear all about success of the projects.



No. of votes


Amount awarded



Fernhill Youth Project




Fernhill Play Scheme




Fernhill Soccer School




Fernhill Bowlers




Communities Together




Fernhill Seniors



The Stakeholders Group meets regularly and working groups will also be meeting to
take forward some of the priority themes outlined

If you live or work in the area and would like to get involved please contact 0303 123 1017 or email communities@southlanarkshire.gov.uk


“We have enjoyed the neighbourhood planning process so far and we look forward to seeing the improvements in the area through working together as a community.” Davy, Resident