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Community Planning Events

Community Planning Events

Community Planning Conference – 9 December 2019

A Community Planning Conference was held on 9 December 2019 within Hamilton Academicals Football Stadium and provided an opportunity to increase the understanding and awareness of ‘Community Participation and Empowerment’.  Members of the Community Planning Partnership (CPP) Board and community organisations were invited to attend the event to discuss how to connect communities and empower people and places. 

The proposed aims and themes of the conference were:-

  • Fostering connections between local organisations;
  • Share learning and resources between local organisations;
  • Increasing CPP Board Members’ awareness of local activity; and
  • Thinking together about what we can do next.

The event was very well attended with approximately 100 people from 47 organisations coming along including members of the CPP Board and representatives/volunteers from local organisations.

Dr Claire Bynner of the University of Glasgow gave a presentation regarding ‘Having community conversations that matter’ and this can be viewed using the link below:-

Having Community Conversations That Matter Presentation

A Graphic Facilitator was also in attendance to record the events of the day and the output can also be viewed below: 

CP Conference - Graphic Facilitator Feedback

During the event, conversation cafes took place where community groups shared with delegates what they were doing within their local community.  Delegates were also asked the challenge question of ‘How can South Lanarkshire have community conversations that matter?’ and feedback from this question has been provided to the Community Engagement and Participation Strategy Working Group and will be used to inform the new Community Participation and Empowerment Strategy.

A conversation cafe focusing on Community Asset Transfers was facilitated by members of the Blantyre Soccer Academy.  Blantyre Soccer Academy were one of the first community groups to successfully complete the asset transfer process and you can find out more about their story using the video link below:


Members of the Machan Trust gave delegates an overview of the work of The Trust and how they are actively supporting children, families and young people in areas of deprivation within Larkhall and surrounding areas. The Trust delivers a wide range of activities during term time and also an extensive holiday programme.  You can find out more about this organisation using the video link below:

The Machan Trust - enable, encourage, empower - YouTube

Welfare Reform Event - 23 November 2019

A Welfare Reform event was held at the Council Offices on 23 November 2018 and provided an opportunity to engage with a wide range of stakeholders and community organisations on the impacts of Welfare Reform. The event was very well attended with representatives across a wide range of organisations including Housing Associations, NHS, voluntary organisations, food banks, Citizen’s Advice Bureau, the Department for Work and Pensions, a range of Council services, Police Scotland and Scottish Fire and Rescue.

Delegates were asked a series of questions about the impact of Welfare Reform on the people they work with and support and on their organisation.

A film on the ‘lived’ experiences of people who live and work in South Lanarkshire with the impacts of Welfare Reform was presented and this is provided via the link below:

Welfare Reform