Rent Setting - Council Houses 2020/2021

Rent Setting - Council Houses 2020/2021 | South Lanarkshire Council
ConsultationRent Setting - Council Houses 2020/2021
Consultation summaryA number of events staged from October - December 2019. Meetings of the local housing forums where tenants can find out about the Council’s housing budget, the rent setting process and give their views on the key areas to be considered in setting the rent level for 2020-21. A Scrutiny Panel session with Council officers to consider key budgetary information.
BackgroundThe council has a statutory duty to consult on the level of council house rent increase each year.
Why are we consulting?To give council house tenants a chance to be part of the process of setting their rent levels for the coming year and to give their views.
Who are we consultingTenants
How will findings be used?The feedback received from will be included in the report presented to Executive Committee in February 2020
What we found out1447 people provided their views on rent setting for 2020 - 21. 97% of respondents were Council Tenants. 49.97% agreed with a 3.95% rent increase. 50.03% did not agree with the increase. The increase was approved by committee given that around half of all respondents supported the increase. 82% of respondents felt rent paid was good or very good value for money. 74.2% agreed with long term rent setting. Most respondents (44.8%) preferred setting rent levels for 3 years.
Start date01/10/2019
End date31/12/2019
Results available30/03/2020
Consultation typeQualitative and Quantitative
Consultation methodOn-line survey/poll
SubjectHousing and homeless
Council themeCustomer focus
Contact nameAileen Muir
Contact phone01698 454121
Contact email