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Crosshouse and Castlefield Primary School catchment realignment

Crosshouse and Castlefield Primary School catchment realignment | South Lanarkshire Council
ConsultationCrosshouse and Castlefield Primary School catchment realignment
Consultation summaryProposal to realign the catchment area of Crosshouse and Castlefield Primary Schools.
BackgroundThe pupil population density of the Greenhills area has shifted over recent years and the school roll of Crosshouse Primary School has increased significantly while the pupil roll of Castlefield Primary School has been reducing. It is felt that this would be an appropriate time to redefine the catchment areas of both schools to take cognisance of this change. There are currently no potential housing developments identified in the Castlefield Primary School catchment area. However, there is currently house building underway in the Crosshouse Primary School catchment area plus there are other development sites with planning consent to build units totalling almost 400 over the next 7 years.
Why are we consulting?To realign the catchment area of Crosshouse and Castlefield Primary Schools.
Who are we consultingStakeholders
How will findings be used?When the consultation period has ended, the Council will collate all of the written and oral representations. This information will be provided to Education Scotland, who will prepare a report on the educational aspects of the proposal taking account of the proposal and send their report to the Council After receiving Education Scotland’s report, the Council will review the proposal taking account of written representations received during the consultation period, oral representations made during the public meeting and Education Scotland’s report. The Council will then prepare and publish a consultation report which will include a recommendation on the proposal and make it available for inspection.
What we found outAgreement that the catchment areas are re-aligned
Start date1 December 2014
End date23 January 2015
Results availableReport on findings of consultation will follow in 2015.
Consultation typeQualitative and Quantitative
Consultation methodConsultation document
SubjectEducation and learning
Council themeMaking best use of resources
Contact nameEducation Resources
Contact phone01698 454450
Contact email education@southlanarkshire.gov.uk
Support documentFurther details of proposal and feedback form available from the Council website http://www.southlanarkshire.gov.uk/news/article/553/school_consultations
Support linkhttp://www.southlanarkshire.gov.uk/downloads/file/9421/crosshouse_and_castlefield_primaries_-_consultation_report