Bereavement services customer surveys

Bereavement Services Customer Surveys | South Lanarkshire Council
ConsultationBereavement Services Customer Surveys
Consultation summarySurvey of customers who have made use of Bereavement services
BackgroundCustomers who have made use of services provided by Bereavement Services are provided with a questonnaire which they can complete and return at their leisure.
Why are we consulting?To monitor and improve upon the service received
Who are we consultingService users
How will findings be used?To help assess customer satisfaction with the services provided by Bereavement Services, and to improve upon the service as required
What we found outThis consultation exercise is still underway, however Interim results indicate an overall customer satisfaction level of 96.7%
Start date01/01/2008
End date31/03/2022
Results availableThese surveys are ongoing. Results available on request from the contact below.
Consultation typeQuantitative
Consultation methodExit Survey
SubjectCemetaries/crematoria/burial grounds/war memorials
Council themeSelf aware and improving
Contact nameDanny Maxwell
Contact phone01698 452233
Contact email
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