Licensing and registration service user survey

Licensing and Registration Service User Survey | South Lanarkshire Council
ConsultationLicensing and Registration Service User Survey
Consultation summaryThe Licensing and Registration service aim to continually look at ways of improving their service to a standard which reflects customer needs. One of the ways this is carried out is by using kiosks in our offices where customers can evaluate their visit.
BackgroundCustomers who have made use of the Licensing or Registration services are asked to complete an electronic questionnaire on iPad kiosks that are set up periodically in offices to capture opinions of customers on site.
Why are we consulting?The survey results are used to ensure a high standard of customer service is provided and to help identify areas where improvement is needed.
Who are we consultingService users
How will findings be used?To ensure the continued provision of excellent customer service.
What we found outInterim results from 2019 show that 78% of respondents rated the service they had received as Excellent, and 22% rated the service as good.
Start date01/01/2012
End date30/03/2022
Results availableThese surveys are ongoing. Results available on request from the contact below.
Consultation typeQuantitative
Consultation methodPostal Survey
Council themeCustomer focus
Contact nameMoira Cooper
Contact phone01698 455916
Contact email
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