Active it customer satisfaction surveys

Active IT Customer Satisfaction Surveys | South Lanarkshire Council
ConsultationActive IT Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Consultation summaryCustomer feedback survey on satisfaction with the various IT courses that are available at the Active IT centres in South Lanarkshire libraries.
BackgroundUpon completion of an ActiveIT course, participants complete an evaluation survey to give their feedback on the course, and to give suggestions on future training requirements.
Why are we consulting?To ensure the IT courses provided meet the needs of service users.
Who are we consultingService users
How will findings be used?To monitor current satisfaction levels and to action any improvement areas where possible.
What we found outInterm results snapshots show positive feedback on the courses attended. These courses have helped users become more familiar with aspects of IT which were previously causing them difficulty.
Start date01/04/2018
End date31/03/2022
Results availableThese surveys are ongoing. Results available on request from the contact below.
Consultation typeQuantitative
Consultation methodExit Survey
Council themeCustomer focus
Contact nameIain Robertson
Contact phone01355 220046
Contact email
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