Adult mental health services - guardian survey

Adult Mental Health Services - Guardian Survey | South Lanarkshire Council
ConsultationAdult Mental Health Services - Guardian Survey
Consultation summaryConsultation with proposed and appointed Guardians who have received a service from the Council's Mental Health Service
BackgroundThe Mental Health Officer (MHO) staff in South Lanarkshire Council aim to provide proposed and appointed Guardians with the best possible service. The views of proposed and appointed Guardians are important in helping the resource to improve the service it provides
Why are we consulting?to ensure the service provided meets the needs and expectation of proposed and appointed Guardians
Who are we consultingParents, carers, guardians
How will findings be used?to ensure satisfaction levels with the service are being maintained and improved upon where possible
Start date01/10/2016
End date31/03/2022
Results availableThese surveys are ongoing. Results available on request from the contact below.
Consultation typeQualitative
Consultation methodOn-line survey/poll
SubjectMental health
Council themeCustomer focus
Contact nameMichelle McConnachie
Contact phone01698 453761
Contact email
Online survey
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