Father Figures 2016

Father Figures 2016 | South Lanarkshire Council
ConsultationFather Figures 2016
Consultation summaryAs part of our drive over the past 10 years to make Community Learning and Home School Partnership services more accessible and relevant for fathers and father figures (male carers; granddads; stepdads; foster dads etc.) we have carried out surveys in 2007, 2009, 2012 and 2014. The results of these surveys have helped to inform service delivery and raise staff awareness.
BackgroundIn 2012, in line with the Lanarkshire Parenting Strategy we extended the influence of the survey to include other services and agencies who engage mums, dads and other carers to support their own and their children’s development. The aim of the survey was to highlight what was working well and how we can build upon good practice. This is a theme we have continued this year.
Why are we consulting?To inform service delivery and raise staff awareness
Who are we consultingParents, carers, guardians
How will findings be used?Inform service delivery and raise staff awareness
What we found outReport available below
Start date01/04/2016
End date30/09/2016
Consultation typeQualitative and Quantitative
Consultation methodOn-line survey/poll
SubjectChildren and young people
Council themeVision and strategic direction
Contact nameFiona Robertson
Contact phone01698 452214
Contact email fiona.robertson@southlanarkshire.gov.uk
Support documenthttp://www.clhsp.org.uk/downloads/file/341/father_figures_survey_2016
Support linkhttp://www.clhsp.org.uk/downloads/file/341/father_figures_survey_2016