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Fish fingers with chips and tomato sauce

Fish fingers with chips and tomato sauce | South Lanarkshire Council
Name of foodFish fingers with chips and tomato sauce
Ingredients60 Breaded fish fingers
2000g Chips
20 Tomato sauce sachets
Method1. Place fish fingers on a lined tray and bake in pre-heated oven at 220°C, Gas 7 for approximately 10-12 minutes
2. Heat up fryer to 190°C/380°F
3. Fry chips in basket for 8 minutes
4.Serve with tomato sauce portion
AllergensFish fingers: gluten, fish; Chips: no allergens; Chips fried in oil used for fish: gluten, fish, may contain milk, soya, mustard, egg, crustaceans and molluscs; Tomato sauce: no allergens
Nutritional values