Seniors Together - Forever Active 2018

Seniors Together - Forever Active 2018 | South Lanarkshire Council
ConsultationSeniors Together - Forever Active 2018
Consultation summarySeniors Together has been designing and distributing the Forever Active survey since 2012. The results we receive helps us build a full picture of the issues that older people are interested in while also receiving useful feedback on the types of activities and opportunities in retirement that people are involved with. The Executive Group of Seniors Together feel that the data that we receive from the survey helps us to ensure that the wider community of older people in South Lanarkshire play a meaningful part in our project and is another way for older people to have a voice.
BackgroundThe information we receive in the completed questionnaires helps us to inform future priorities and discussion within the Seniors Together project.
Why are we consulting?To help prioritise the work of Seniors Together moving forward
Who are we consultingOlder people
How will findings be used?To help prioritise and develop the work of Seniors Together.
What we found outThis 2017/8 survey attracted a total of 378 responses from Older People in the South Lanarkshire area. This respondent base enables Seniors Together to build on the knowledge gained from previous surveys and identify areas of work that should be priorities for the group and its partners. Key areas of interest from the survey are loneliness, the integration of Health and Social Care, health and independence, keeping active, and future planning. Many of these are points of national interest and are at the heart of ensuring older people can remain fit, healthy and active in their local communities. Please contact the Seniors Together Team for more information
Start date01/10/2017
End date30/03/2018
Results available30/06/2018
Consultation typeQualitative
Consultation methodOn-line survey/poll
SubjectOlder people
Council themeCustomer focus
Contact nameSeniors Together Administration
Contact phone01698 454105
Contact email