Residents’ Parking Permit Zone - Blantyre

Residents’ Parking Permit Zone - Blantyre | South Lanarkshire Council
ConsultationResidents’ Parking Permit Zone - Blantyre
Consultation summaryA consultation on possibly introducing residents’ parking permits near Blantyre railway station is underway.
BackgroundThe consultation will gauge the views of all stakeholders on the principle of, and possible geographical extent of, Residents’ Parking Permit Zones (RPPZs).
Why are we consulting?Following the analysis of the responses to this preliminary consultation, should the council decide to proceed with the promotion of new RPPZs then a formal, statutory consultation will be undertaken on the proposals.
Who are we consultingAll residents
How will findings be used?The consultation is part of a wider review of RPPZs across South Lanarkshire.
What we found outResults will feed in to the Council's overall review of Residents Parking Permit Zones and will be published on the Council Website upon ratification by Committee
Start date01/04/2019
End date01/05/2019
Results available2019/2020
Consultation typeQualitative
Consultation methodOn-line survey/poll
SubjectRoads and traffic
Council themeVision and strategic direction
Contact nameColin Park
Contact email
Online survey