Proposed BT payphone removal - Stage 2

Proposed BT payphone removal - Stage 2 | South Lanarkshire Council
ConsultationProposed BT payphone removal - Stage 2
Consultation summaryBT propose to remove a number of public payphones in South Lanarkshire due to a reduction in the number of calls being made from them.
BackgroundThis is the second stage of the consultation following recommendations from the Council. The payphones nominated for closure are shown with the draft Council decision on Agreeing or Objecting with the proposed removal.
Why are we consulting?Under Ofcom regulations, the Council has responsibility for carrying out consultation with the local community on these proposals. We are seeking comments from the public on the proposed removal of each individual payphone. BT requires that anyone who objects to the removal of a particular payphone must provide justification as to why it should be retained.
Who are we consultingGeneral public
How will findings be used?Comments received will be used to help the Council decide whether to approve the removal of a particular payphone or whether to object to it. Once it has made its decision on each payphone, we will publish a notice on the Council website and allow a month for more comments. After that period ends, we will consider any more comments received and then make a final decision on each payphone. We will then publish a final notice of our decisions on the website. We will advise BT of our decisions. The Council can object to the removal of any particular payphone if it has suitable justification, but BT can appeal any objection to the Competition Appeals Tribunal.

Start date19 September 2019
End date17 October 2019
Results availableDecember 2019
Consultation typeQualitative
Consultation methodOn-line survey/poll
Council themePartnership
Contact nameKaren Brown
Contact phone01698 455945
Contact email