Larkhall Leisure centre Consultation 2022

Larkhall Leisure centre Consultation 2022 | South Lanarkshire Council
ConsultationLarkhall Leisure centre Consultation 2022
Consultation summaryLarkhall Leisure Centre (LLC) opened in January 1966 serving the local community of Larkhall and surrounding areas. Over the years, the facility has had additional work carried out, which includes an extension built on at the top end of the centre in 1985 (function hall & studio) and other major refurbishments to areas within the original building in 1996 which included communal changing facilities, a new gym and a floating floor.

Various condition surveys carried out on the existing facilities have identified that significant investment of over £2 million is required to bring it up to current day standards and maintain the structure and services within the building. Within the last year over £200k has been spent on ventilation and boiler replacement. Although some investment would keep the facility functional, the building is considered beyond its useful life and not a suitable to upgrade due to its condition and layout, it also does not address the outdated décor. The facility presents various challenges in terms of accessibility as there are three sets of stairs within the building and although there are lifts available their design and speed are limiting.
BackgroundThe amount the council can spend on new facilities and other investment is limited by the amount of funding that is available. Over the last few years, the budget available for capital has reduced, and that limits the level of investment that we can undertake.

Over and above projects which are supported by external funding or specific project plans, There are a number of council service areas which require essential ongoing investment, including roads and footpaths, schools, IT development, and necessary repairs to council buildings. In a typical year, these ongoing programmes total £21 million and are wholly funded by the capital funding the council receives – this does not leave any funding unallocated.
Why are we consulting?To meet future climate change and sustainable energy targets, it is essential that this building is planned and designed to be carbon neutral (embodied and operational) through orientation of the building, use of natural resources such as ventilation, light, heat and water, green infrastructure, sourcing materials and equipment, energy efficiency achieved by the latest technology.

We would ask that the community in Larkhall tells us your views in order to prioritise the various elements within the centre
Who are we consultingAll residents
How will findings be used?To prioritise the various elements within the centre
Start date07/02/2022
End date18 March 2022
Results availableLate 2022
Consultation typeQualitative and Quantitative
Consultation methodOn-line survey/poll
SubjectLeisure and Culture
Council themeMaking best use of resources
Online survey
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