Birth, death, marriage and civil partnership certificates

This form has a maximum of 10 pages

This form enables you to order copies of birth, death, marriage or civil partnership certificates for events registered in Scotland.  If the event was registered within the last year a copy certificate can only be obtained from the registration office where the event was registered. 

At the end of the form you must click the link to pay for your certificate. Your certificate will not be sent unless you have paid for it. The cost for a certificate is £10 when the request is made within one month of the date of registration. Any requests for full or abbreviated certificates made after one month of the date of registration will cost £15 (a £5 search fee is included in this which is non refundable if we are unable to locate the entry). If two or more copies of the same entry are requested the search fee of £5 will only be charged once.

You can only order multiple copies of the same extract. If you require a copy certificate of more than one entry you will require to submit a further form.

If you need more than five copies please email or phone 0303 123 1015.