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Council Tax – Second Home Discount

This form has a maximum of 14 pages

Please complete this form to apply for a second home discount.

You will be asked to upload evidence with your application. Please have a scan or photo ready to upload when applying and that all details can be seen clearly.

Examples of acceptable documents include:

  • Utility bills showing low usage for the periods the property is unoccupied and increased usage for the periods the property is occupied
  • A home insurance policy confirming it is insured as an unoccupied property
  • TV licence
  • TV package
  • Phone bill
  • Line rental bill
  • A letter from a neighbour confirming the property is normally unoccupied. The letter must include the neighbour's name, address and contact phone number
  • Any other relevant evidence

Please ensure that your evidence is in relation to your second home.

In addition, if your main residence is outwith South Lanarkshire you must provide a copy of your Council Tax bill (or similar if outwith the UK).

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