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Licensing complaint

This form has a maximum of 7 pages

This complaints form is to assist you to complain about a licensed premise or licence holder.  We issue licences for Booking offices, Cinemas, Indoor sports, Knife dealers, Late hours catering, Market dealers, Public entertainment, Second hand dealer, Sex shop, Skin piercing and tattooing Street trader, Taxi/private hire car operators or drivers, Theatres, Window cleaners, On and off sales premises (for example - pubs, restaurants and off sales), Personal licence holders (manager of premises) and Gaming.

When you first complain, although we ask for your name and address this will not be given to the licence holder, unless you agree to this. However, if the complaint is not resolved and it is taken further, for example, to a suspension hearing, then the licence holder is provided with full details. This will include your name and address.

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