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Secondary school placing request

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Normally, children attend the school that serves the area where they live, known as their catchment school. However, there are times when parents want their children to go to another school. If you want your child to go to another school you can make a placing request.

Please read the placing request guidance notes  and the important points listed below before proceeding with the request.

  • If you are resident in South Lanarkshire please ensure you have registered your child at your catchment school
  • I accept that placing requests received by 15 March each year will receive a response by 30 April.  Placing requests received after 15 March will be considered within two months.
  • I note that a separate form is required for each child.
  • I note that this form is not to be used to apply for a placing request at an additional support needs school or base. Please contact the Inclusion Service for further information on placing requests in additional support needs schools on 01698 454451.

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