How to make a planning application

Dropping in or making an appointment

Dropping in

During office hours you can drop in to our Planning and Building Standards office or Q and A offices general information.

During a drop-in visit you will be able to:

  • get advice on whether you need planning permission or how to object to an application
  • find out how to complete a planning application and how much it will cost
  • View publicly available files held in the office, view plans and get copies of location plans
  • find out if you live in a conservation area, if a building is listed or if there is a tree preservation order in place
  • collect planning and other application forms
  • get general information that doesn't involve speaking to a planning officer

Making an appointment

You should make an appointment if you need:

  • to talk to a specific planning officer
  • to have pre-application discussions
  • to discuss a planning application which has not yet been decided
  • information from archived files

If you visit without an appointment you may not be able to see a planning officer as they are often out of the office on site visits.

If you are not sure whether you need an appointment please phone first to find out.

What if your question can't be answered?

We will always try to answer your questions when you visit us. If we can't give you an answer there and then we'll give you a date when we will get back to you.

We cannot guarantee that planning permission will be given or refused. Any information or advice that we give does not bind or prejudice our actions or decisions in any way.

Need it in writing?

If you need proof of any discussion with us, please write to the relevant office. We will reply to your letter within 10 working days. Let us know who you spoke to and what it was about. If it is a complex issue it may take longer than 10 days to give you a full response.

Service standards

Details of our service standards are in the Development Management Charter and Planning enforcement charter - a guide to enforcing planning controls.

For more information please see our video on Conversions and extensions  and /or contact our Planning and Building Standards office.