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Active Travel projects

Clydesdale Active Travel studies

We want walking and cycling to be the natural choice for people for their local journeys. We are focusing on three studies in areas of Clydesdale, aimed at making walking and cycling in the region more convenient and attractive for all. There will also be an additional study taking an overview of the three combined areas.

Key aims of the studies include:

  • identifying the actual and perceived barriers to cycling for everyday journeys in and around the Clydesdale area
  • identifying a programme of recommendations to make active travel a viable option for everyday journeys in and around the towns, villages, and rural areas
  • encouraging a modal shift to walking and cycling
  • developing an aspirational active travel network plan, and promoting Clydesdale as a cycle-friendly area

We are looking for the public’s views on their travel habits and the conditions within their local area, helping us to identify the most effective ways to develop active travel within Clydesdale.

We have appointed Aecom to carry out the study.  A survey and placecheck map has been created to gather information from key stakeholders and members of the public. From your comments, we can gain useful local knowledge to inform the study and help us develop an active travel network that would meet the needs of the community.

The study area has been divided into 3 geographical areas:

  • Northwest Clydesdale
  • Northeast Clydesdale
  • South Clydesdale

These are as shown on the map below:

Map showing the 3 study areas in the Clydesdale active travel project



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