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Money Matters and claiming benefits

It is available for all public, third sector and charitable organisations who are involved in the delivery of, or providing advice on, the new social security benefits which are being devolved to the Scottish Government under the Scotland Act 2016.  These include a range of powers over disability and carers, as well as powers to make administrative changes to Universal Credit and vary the housing cost element.

We work with other organisations such as the Department for Work and Pensions and the National Health Service to help you claim the benefits you are entitled to as well as helping you fill out the necessary forms.

We also work with McMillan South Lanarkshire Advice Service to help if you or a relative has cancer to help you claim a range of benefits. We can arrange home visits. Around £127million go unclaimed each year by people with terminal cancer.

We work with additional support needs schools to make parents and teachers aware of the benefits that could be available. The school liaison officer and a Benefit Advisor work together looking at a range of benefits.

Even if you are not referred for help through our campaigns, you can check if you are claiming the correct benefits by making an appointment at your local Money Matters office.

You can check if you qualify for housing benefit or a council tax reduction by using our online benefit calculator. The calculator will ask you a number of questions about your circumstances, and based on what you answer, will tell you how much council tax reduction and/or housing benefit you could be entitled to.

You can then make a claim by completing our online Housing and council tax benefit application form or by contacting the Benefits and council tax call centre.