Debt advice from Money Matters

If you are having money worries and can't afford to pay your rent, mortgage, council tax, gas/electricity bills, bank loans, credit cards or catalogues get in touch with your nearest Money Matters Advice Service.

Unexpected changes in your life can be enough to turn what was manageable debt into a serious problem. Unemployment, working fewer hours, having a baby, illness, bereavement or relationship problems are just some things that can lead to spiralling debt.

Money Matters provides a free impartial service.

Our money advisors will review your finances, prioritise your debts and complete a financial statement which includes details of your income and expenditure. We will then give you advice on what options are suitable for you and provide you with the necessary information to help you make a decision. Based on your decision, we will contact your creditors and negotiate with them on your behalf.

Setting a budget can help make your money go further, prevent debts running up and show you any changes that need to be made.

The Citizen's Advice Bureau can give you impartial help that is free of charge, and their service is totally confidential. They’ll speak to all the people you owe money to on your behalf and can use different ways, for example the Debt Arrangement Scheme – to renegotiate your outgoings and make things more manageable. Above all, they will try to make sure you don’t lose your home.

There is also information available on the Scottish Government's Deal with Debt website.