Compostable waste uplift

COVID-19: Compostable waste uplifts are suspended until further notice to ensure we are able to continue to provide our bin collection service during this demanding time.

Our service to uplift compostable garden waste is free

Compostable waste includes clippings from grass, hedges, trees and shrubs, flowers, plants and weeds. It does not include turf, soil, rubble, bricks, stone chips, garden furniture or fences. If you have these items see the Special uplift request page.

  • You should bag your waste
  • Branches should be cut down to less than 5 feet long and tied in bundles
  • For safety, items/bags must be able to be lifted shoulder high by one person
  • We can uplift a maximum of 20 items/bags at a time

When you fill out the form we'll tell you which day we collect in your area. You should leave it out at the collection point before 7am that day. Please do not put the items out for collection any earlier than the day prior to your scheduled collection date.

If your waste isn't collected please leave it at your collection point and we will get to it as soon as we can. Bad weather or a vehicle breakdown can mean we run late with collections.

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