Management of Lanarkshire LEADER

The Lanarkshire LEADER Programme is managed by a Local Action Group (LAG) made up of representatives from the community, private and public sectors. Membership of the LAG is voluntary and unpaid activity.

Management of Lanarkshire LEADER

s - South Lanarkshire
n - North Lanarkshire

p - public
PR - private
c - community

South Lanarkshire Council (s)

Simon Carey (p)

Responsible for compliance and financial management and match funding for a number of identified activities including applications for complementary structural and other external funding support

North Lanarkshire Council (n)

Ellen Archibald (p)

Provides all council services in North Lanarkshire

Lanarkshire Enterprise Services (Business Gateway) (n/s)

Ronnie Smith (PR)

Contracted to deliver Business Gateway services to start-up and small businesses across Lanarkshire. Also contracted to deliver economic development and business development programmes including social economy sector development support. Ronnie is also Vice Chair of New College Lanarkshire and will provide a link into the further education sector

VASLan (s)

Gordon Bennie (c)

VASLan is an independent organisation and plays a crucial role in community capacity building through the support of voluntary sector organisations working at grassroots level

Wiston Lodge (s)

Amanda Burgauer (c)

This is a residential centre near Biggar that specialises in Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED) particularly with young people and at-risk adults. Amanda is the founder of B4GAL Community Broadband, a community-owned charitable company offering superfast broadband to local residents. Amanda is also Chair of Scottish Rural Action, an independent company formed with the dual purpose of developing and organising Scotland’s Rural Parliament and supporting the development of a rural movement

Rural Business rep (n/s) Neil McDonald (PR/c) Neil is Chair of Martin Aerospace, Lanark and is on the board of a number of local trusts and companies. He is a former Chair of Scottish Enterprise Lanarkshire

SRUC (n/s)

Elaine Watt (PR)

Providers of educational, technical and business services to the farming community through its commercial arm SAC Consulting

National Farmers Union represented by North Cumberhead Farm (n/s)

William Steel (PR)

The NFUS promotes and protects the interest of the Scottish farming industry.  The NFUS will play a vital role in raising awareness of LEADER and engaging its members in the activities identified in the LDS. William has participated in Rural Leadership Programmes and has a strong interest in local branding and collaboration

Healthy Valleys (s)

Lesley McCranor (c)

This is a community-led health initiative. Its vision is to reduce health inequalities, promote positive lifestyles and improve health and wellbeing in rural South Lanarkshire. HV are a registered Scottish Charity and a company limited by guarantee

Clydesdale Housing Association (s)

Patrick Ross Taylor (c)

CHA provides affordable homes and seeks to regenerate the communities it serves. It is a non- profit making Registered Social Landlord, established in 1987 by a voluntary committee of local people concerned about the condition of houses in some Clydesdale villages and about the shortage of rented housing in the area

Scottish Land and Estates Represented by Douglas and Angus Estate (n/s)

Ian Fleming (c)

SLAE represents the role and interests of those involved with rural property and businesses connected with the land. It promotes the benefits of our members’ activities to the community and to the Scottish rural economy as well as rural enterprise and rural development in Scotland. Ian is the Estate Manager with Douglas and Angus Estates

Central Scotland Green Network Trust (n/s)

Linda McConaghie (c) The Trust is newly established and based in Shotts. It aims to restore and transform the landscape of Central Scotland

Scottish Natural Hertiage (n/s)

Jimmy Hyslop (p)

SNH will provide advice and expertise on all aspects of environmental significance. SNH have been fully involved in supporting projects under LEADER

Lanark Community Development Trust (s)

Douglas Ritchie (c)

This was established through the LEADER Market Towns Initiative and has established a good delivery track record. Douglas has a background in construction project management

Lanarkshire Area Tourism Partnership (n/s)

Scott McCauley (PR)

The partnership is made up of reps from North and South Lanarkshire Councils, VisitScotland, and private orgs across Lanarkshire, and is funded by the Lanarkshire Tourism Association. The key role is overseeing the implementation of the Lanarkshire Tourism Action Plan

Scottish Enterprise (n/s)

Theresa Correia (p) This is Scotland's main economic development agency and a non-departmental public body of the Scottish Government. Lesley has stakeholder responsibility for North and South Lanarkshire and is also involved with LEADER in Dumfries and Galloway
Voluntary Action North Lanarkshire (VANL) (n) Morag M Thomson (c) VANL is the Third Sector Interface for the North Lanarkshire area providing single door access to support for volunteering and the voluntary sector for individual volunteers, for member organisations and for strategic partners.

The LAG is responsible for the development and implementation of the LEADER Local Development Strategy and for the management of programme activities. The LAG assesses project applications and monitors the financial and output progress of the programme.

South Lanarkshire Council (SLC) is the accountable body responsible for administering Lanarkshire LEADER.

The LAG meets every two months to consider project applications and other LAG business matters.