Priorities and themes

The LEADER has three themes.

Developing communities

There are three objectives under this theme:

  • develop capacity to create a community sector capable of delivering a range of services
  • support the framework to help communities to take on local community owned and/or managed assets
  • improve mobility for rural residents

Growing business

There are four objectives under this theme:

  • support younger age group to access employment initiatives
  • improve the vitality and viability of rural town centres
  • support collaborative initiatives that aim to improve the viability of the area’s agricultural sector
  • improve rural access and customer entry to business support including finance

For more information see the Lanarkshire LEADER Growing Business Theme Investment Approaches for Rural Town Centres, Employability and Rural Business and Farm Diversification Investments.

Heritage, culture and the environment

The overarching objective is to support collaborative visitor initiatives and connect to the strategic interventions which protect and enhance natural, cultural and heritage assets in Lanarkshire.

For more information see the Lanarkshire LEADER Local Development Strategy Summary.