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Get involved in how council budget is spent

Participatory budgeting (PB) is a way for you to have a say in how public money is spent in your area to deliver services. This is not about making cuts - it's about giving citizens control over services in their area.

We, along with other councils have signed an agreement with the Scottish government to commit at least 1% - around £5.5 million - of our budget to be decided by local people through this process.

This process is used around the world to encourage local people as experts on where they live and the most qualified to decide what needs improved or changed.

PB is made up of three steps:

  • project ideas are proposed
  • local people vote on these ideas
  • the projects with the most votes are carried out by the council and our partners

We have completed several projects in this way through small grants and as part of our Neighbourhood Planning.

How the process will work

No one will dictate which projects can or can't be voted on but it is important that projects are achievable. This will be done in partnership with professionals in the area of the proposal, the project proposer and a panel made up of local people.

Voting will be available online and in person at voting events in communities.

When a project is launched information will be shared in the following ways: