Renewable Energy Fund COVID-19 response

Please note - If you are planning any community events and you are unsure about the safety aspects because of COVID you should contact Environmental Services for advice.

The existing Renewable Energy Funds which receive contributions from local windfarms within South Lanarkshire are open and operating normally. All enquiries, applications, awards and grant payments are fully functioning and we welcome new applications through the normal online enquiry system.

We are aware of the exceptional efforts of local organisations and groups to support each other and the most vulnerable within our communities. The Renewable Energy Fund and SSE Clyde Community Fund exist to help local communities. Two specific funding measures have been introduced to help communities at this time.

Immediate Support Fund

Grants of £500-£5,000 are available to groups and organisations including Community Councils to deliver immediate assistance and relief due to COVID-19 such as the following:

  • care packages or vouchers (food and essentials) to provide to at risk groups
  • transport costs for those delivering essentials to people self-isolating
  • technology or equipment to aid community groups deliver services during and post crises
  • technology to loan to elderly community members so that they can keep in contact with relatives and friends

3rd Sector Resilience Fund

Grants of £500-£10,000 are available to constituted community groups, community-based sports and cultural clubs and charitable organisations to relieve pressure through the loss of income or ongoing costs arising from COVD-19:

  • loss of income due to COVID-19, for example, cancelled events or fundraisers
  • additional costs incurred due to COVID-19 for example cancellation fees for bands, venues, new costs to change service delivery such as laptops or equipment 
  • ongoing revenue costs for period of up to 6 months normally covered through income

The South Lanarkshire Community Benefit COVID-19 grants should complement funding available from other sources including the Scottish Government. Organisations should access other funding that is available as appropriate. Successful applicant organisations cannot reapply for more than one 3rd Sector Resilience Fund grant

Successful applications will receive 100% of the grant in advance.

Application timeline 

We expect demand for the fund to be high but we expect to meet the following timeline:

  • Submission of a completed application - response within 4 weeks
  • approval acceptance to payment of funds - 4 weeks

The maximum time anticipated is 2 months although most applications will be dealt well within this timescale.

A grant completion report will be required at the end of the project along with evidence of the expenditure.

For enquiries please contact

For more information on COVID-19 funding available for businesses, charities and organisations see:

Our Community Engagement Team are here to help you with any advice, signposting or support you may need, and you can contact them on

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