Place Based Investment Programme

Place Based Investment Programme 2022 - 2023

The council was awarded £1.74 million via the Scottish Government’s Place Based Investment Capital Programme for 2022/23.

The application process is now open for community groups to apply. Applications must be in by May 2022 with decisions by end of June 2022.  

Successful applicants will be awarded funds subject to the grant being provided by Scottish Government. Projects must be completed by March 2023.

This fund aims to support community-led regeneration, based on the place principle. Please see below;

The place principle definition:

  • place is where people, location and resources combine to create a sense of identity and purpose and is at the heart of addressing the needs and realising the full potential of communities. Places are shaped by the way resources, services and assets are directed and used by the people who live in and invest in them.
  • a more joined-up, collaborative, and participative approach to services, land and buildings, across all sectors within a place, enables better outcomes for everyone and increased opportunities for people and communities to shape their own lives.

The principle requests that:

  • all those responsible for providing services and looking after assets in a place need to work and plan together, and with local communities, to improve the lives of people, support inclusive and sustainable economic growth and create more successful places.

Commit to taking:

  • a collaborative, place-based approach with a shared purpose to support a clear way forward for all services, assets and investments which will maximise the impact of their combined resources.

The council is asking for enquiries via the South Lanarkshire Community Benefit fund and will help develop and deliver projects benefiting all South Lanarkshire’s towns and local centres. You can apply for a grant for Capital Works if your project is eligible. You can also apply to the fund for up to £10k to carry out development works for a future round application.

The grant is to be used in the financial year 2022/23. Expenditure must be met, or work started by Friday 31 March 2023 or funds will be withdrawn. 

Reasons for the programme:

  • to link place-based initiatives
  • to support projects such as town centre revitalisation, community-led regeneration, 20-minute neighbourhoods and community wealth building
  • to make sure that all place-based investments are shaped by the needs and aspirations of local communities
  • to speed up our ambitions for net zero, wellbeing and inclusive economic development, tackling inequality and disadvantage, community involvement and ownership

Eligible areas

The project and/or the project feasibility study must be for works based within communities within south Lanarkshire, examples of these are below however this is not exhaustive and all localities are eligible:

Eligible activities

The activities must align with the project objectives and be capital spend activities which contribute to the regeneration or development of an area include:

  • securing that land and buildings are brought into effective use
  • contributing to, or encouraging, economic development
  • creating an attractive and safe environment
  • preventing crime or reducing the fear of crime
  • providing or improving housing or social and recreational facilities to encourage people to live or work in the area or of benefiting the people who live there
  • providing employment for local people
  • providing or improving training, educational facilities or health services for local people
  • helping local people to make use of opportunities for education, training or employment
  • any scheme for the storage, treatment or disposal of any material or product to help prevent or reduce environmental damage
  • benefiting local people who have additional support needs because of disability or because of their sex or the racial group to which they belong

More information

If you need more information before you apply you should look at the following:

  • Understanding Scottish Places - an online tool which shows how Scottish towns with a population of 1,000 or more interact with their surrounding settlements and perform against a range of indicators
  • Place Standard - a framework designed to support communities, public, private and third sectors to work efficiently together to assess the quality of a place. A new web-resource on place-based working is in development and will contain online resources, case studies and toolkits to support place-based working and 20 Minute Neighbourhoods
  • USP Your Town Audit - add to USP a six-day study which provides the standard benchmark for measuring the health of a Scottish town
  • Town Centre Toolkit - guidance on designing and planning town centres to be attractive, accessible and active, focusing on urban design, quality, sustainability and use of town assets
  • Place Principle - Information about the Place Principle

Application process

Applications will be made through the ​​​South Lanarkshire Community Benefit fund. This includes projects that are past the feasibility stage and ready for design and implementation.

Please start the application text with “Place based Investment Programme”. This will allow us to identify and allocate the application faster.

You should give us a summary of your project, its outcomes, a timescale for completion and an approximate value of your application. A council officer will then contact you to discuss the details and if eligible, open the main application for you to complete.