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You said, we did

Parking complaints

What you said

Complaints were received from local residents that both employees and visitors to a Council facility were routinely parking inappropriately and causing blockages on pavements and at driveways.  This was causing both inconvenience and stress to those living in the area and making at times pavements impassable for some.

What we did

Following the complaints the resource issued clear guidance to all employees who are based at and use the facility regularly and has also placed up information for those visiting to have due consideration for local residents and their needs to access their premises and local community.

How we expect our service to get better

As a result the employees and visitors are more aware of the needs of local residents and the importance of maintaining positive relationships with those in our local communities.  There is now improved flow of traffic due to staff finding appropriate parking and pavements are now accessible to all living and working in the local area.