Budget consultation 2022/2023

Recent Community Planning conversation feedback

Community and Environment banner

  • You told us that there is a strong sense of community within South Lanarkshire, and that this is something which you value and which we should support.
  • You felt that it was important that we put resources into supporting the vulnerable within our communities, including the homeless, older people and people living with disabilities and long term conditions.
  • Transport links are something you want to see improved, especially but not only in rural areas.
  • You said that digital access is very important to allow people to access online services and to get involved in things that were happening.
  • Roads, parks and leisure spaces are all areas where you wanted to see cleanliness and maintenance taken as a priority.

Education and Learning banner

  • The modern and high quality school and early years provision, including programmes, clubs and facilities, is something that you are happy about.
  • People are concerned about the impact of the pandemic on young people and what can be done to mitigate any “learning loss” they experienced.
  • Work experience and apprenticeships for young people are a priority, to help to give them real life and practical experience in the workplace.
  • You feel that education should include opportunities to learn the life skills needed for independent living.
  • Recognising that learning is a life long activity, people want to see learning, training and skills development opportunities for adults, including soft skills and digital learning.

Health Inequalities banner

  • Within our communities, there is a high level of satisfaction with the covid response and support which has been provided, including support and information for community groups.
  • You are concerned about mental health and wellbeing for everyone in South Lanarkshire, but especially for children and young people.
  • Isolation and poverty are the two factors you felt had the biggest impact on your health.
  • Affordable and accessible activities are important and help people to stay healthy and be part of what is happening in their communities.
  • Good quality health and social care for the unwell and the vulnerable is a key priority for you.
  • Local access to information and self care support is something that you want to help you take care of yourself and keep yourselves healthy.

Children and Young People banner

  • Financial support throughout the pandemic has benefitted low income households, getting money directly to the families who needed it.
  • Lots of activities are available for our children and young people but sometimes it could be challenging for children who are disabled or have additional needs to be able to access these.
  • Older children and young people could be better engaged with services, working with them to develop spaces, services and programmes that are tailored for them.
  • Building young peoples’ resilience and promoting positive behaviour is a key priority you wanted to us to work towards.
  • You told us we need to value our children and young people and involve them in decisions and service design that affects them.

Our Economy banner

  • You identified the need for us to support local small businesses, especially in light of the impact of the pandemic restrictions.
  • Employment support for the unemployed is a key priority, to help get people ready for working.
  • You told us that transport links and the times of services are problematic for employment, particularly in rural areas.
  • Training and skills to help peoples employability prospects are important, both to get people into jobs but also to help them progress to better paid employment.
  • You told us that we should use the learning from the pandemic to help plan for any future disruptions that might come along.
Housing and Land banner
  • People are concerned about the expansion of housing and the impact which this had on the existing infrastructure – roads, schools, health facilities and so on – and as a result, the quality of life for people living there.
  • There is a concern that social housing needs investment, for example to help lower heating costs.
  • While you recognised that new housing developments were needed, you feel that often the properties are too big and expensive for lower income households. More affordable housing is needed, especially in rural areas.
  • You told us that private landlords are often hesitant to rent to those receiving benefits, which makes it harder for people to find suitable accommodation.
  • There is a recognition that we need to make best use of the land and resources within communities and that the impact of this on health needs to be considered when decisions were made.

Cross Cutting banner

There were three areas which you spoke about a lot and which we should consider in any work which we are planning:

  • Climate change and environmental sustainability, including issues around climate justice
  • The impact of poverty and inequality on people’s lives, and what we can do to address this; and
  • How we all work together to support recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

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